Friday, January 21, 2011

Weather Coloring Sheet

My youngest is learning about weather in school.  And you know, when you have an illustrator as a mom, you get a coloring sheet.  :)

Feel free to download.


Sam said...

This is nice! I like to draw coloring pages for my kids too, but I'm not above printing out good ones either (or, well, Dora, but that's at the request of my 3-year-old). I'm sure this one will make its way under the crayons soon enough.

Sarah Pecorino said...

Rock on, Illustrator Mom.

Michelle Henninger said...

Thanks Sam! LOL! There's nothing wrong with Dora!

Sarah, thanks! From one rockstar illustrator mom to another! :)

holly said...

Thank you! First time I've ever put something in for IF. Your entry made me smile - not sure my chickens will ever become that fond of the fox in our garden :)

Christina Rodriguez said...

Very sweet character! I'm especially fond of imagining warm, sunny weather while enduring all the cold and snow here in MN.

beccysarahjohnson said...

This is a lovely picture. My 4 year old is learning about weather too.

I'm currently home from work for 3 months with a foot injury and considering writing and illustrating a book!

Many thanks for sharing!
Beccy x