Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA from my blog recently, but that's a good thing because that means I've been busy!!

I've been spending loads of time drawing fish faces on costumes, and working on basic set design for the school spring musical! We are going to have some really cute undersea creatures in a few weeks!

And, my egg is now up for auction! The Open Fields school's open auction is under way. You can check out my egg here. There are some really amazing artists who have provided eggs this year! I feel honored to be in their company!

And finally, I've been working hard on the homework assignment for the upcoming NW-SCBWI conference.

The assignment is to sample a moment from the storyline. It can be an original story, or an interpretation of an existing story. We need to think about how one page leads to the next, and how the story will be supported by location of text, page orientation, trim size, whether the illustrations are panels, bleeds, etc.

You can see some examples of some of my sketches over at Smells Like Crayons.

I've also been working on my poster for the Poster Competition at the conference, as well as getting postcards to leave once the posters are judged. That has to remain a secret though until after the conference! :) I'll post it then, promise.

Just a few more weeks! I can not wait.