Friday, February 11, 2011

Miscellaneous Sketches - The Adventures of Super Ted and Brandi

Just for fun!

Miscellaneous Sketches - Grandma & Me

Growing up, I didn't see my grandparents at every holiday gathering.  My American grandparents died when I was little, and my Oma and Opa lived in Germany.   Despite the distance, I felt very close to my Oma.  When we would visit, I loved running upstairs into her room and snuggling with her (And eating her stash of Ritter Sport chocolates).  She died a few years ago, and I miss her. 

When I started the first sketch below,  I had just intended to get a little practice drawing adults.  As it evolved, the grandmother started to look a lot like my Oma, and the next two sketches followed.  The last sketch isn't exactly true to life, as my own Oma died when I was an adult, but this is what came out.  I guess I still think of myself as that little girl who wishes she could have one more snuggle. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sketch for upcoming SFC issue

Stories for Children magazine is returning after a brief hiatus.  This is a sketch I'm working on for one of the stories.