Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Character sketches: Twin-ergy

"Don't forget the 'jazz hands' Quincy!"

Quincy and Carter were identical twins.  But you wouldn't know it by watching them dance.  In fact, when it came to dance, Quincy and Carter were as dissimilar as chalk and cheese.  Carter would glide across the floor, Quincy clomped. Carter had pizazz, Quincy had fizzle.   But this difference between them, never affected their "twin-ergy" as they liked to call it.  They were like Oreos and milk.  You couldn't have one without the other.

"Mom, will you watch us?" asked Carter, as she pulled the stool from the kitchen into the living room.

"Sprout will be the comic relief" said Quincy.  He was always the comic relief whenever they practiced their dance routine.   They had gotten Sprout from the shelter when the girls were four.   And as it turned out, he had a knack for dancing too.  Whenever the twins played the radio, or popped in a CD, Sprout would howl and go into full-body spasms of joy.  You couldn't help but laugh when you saw little Sprout dance.


gila43 said...

the twin girls are true little ballet-dancers - the style, the moves and the little dog is the cutest!

Keep up the good work - where ever
you will be! I know you can do it, because you love to draw and we all would miss your input / thoughts about the themes/ ideas given to you!

See you .... wishing you & your loved ones a 'Merry Christmas' and happy/ healthy New York.

A great admirer

Ann Marie said...

This sounds like a page in a fun chapter book! Charming characters and contrasts. Hope things are going well for you, Michelle!