Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snow White - Sketch

Here's what I'm working on for Watercolor Wednesdays. Our assignment is to create page spreads from Snow White. This one is the scene where the dwarves find Snow White asleep after having eaten the apple. Still in sketch stage.


Ann Marie said...

What is really cool about this is the way that one big shape has many combined parts. Snow White and the dwarfs are one big shape on the page. I like where this "shape" has been placed, too and how the negative space is starting to work. I suggest grounding the characters as I think there needs to be more weight toward the bottom and horizontally to balance out the top/left heaviness.

Your characters are so endearing!! What you have done so far is really lovely. I think this will be a great piece. Can't wait to see this painted.

(BTW - Amy Cutler is an artist who uses a lot of white space and combined shapes in her work. Take a look when you get a chance.)

Ann Marie said...

p.s. I love your Thanksgiving illustrations below of the children chasing the turkeys!! Color palette is great as is the action. Nice!!