Thursday, January 24, 2008


Everyday I put together little drawings for my daughter, slipped into her lunchbox. She enjoys them immensely. Every morning she runs to her lunchbox to see what I've drawn for her.

I've posted a few of the ones she seemed to enjoy the most. I must admit. It's a great exercise. I'm somewhat "forced" to make one, whether I feel in the mood or not. It gives me the chance to practice different techniques, and focus on different aspects that I am trying to improve. Most of these are done in ink, and watercolor.


bloosgrl said...

What a great way to connect with your daughter! I also love the "Horrible Hangnail". My toe kind of feels that way today!

Michelle Henninger said...

Thanks bloosgrl! Hopefully your hangnail isn't quite as scary as the one in the illo. :-)