Monday, January 21, 2008

Cupid has cooties

Poor Cupid. He's both a boy and a valentine. Apparently, he has cooties too. I was working on an anti-valentine image. Here are the two sketches I came up with. (By the way, I actually LOVE Valentine's Day. You can't go wrong when chocolate, flowers and admissions of love are all around!!)

So what do you think? Is one image better than the other? Are the images flat, or are they engaging? I'm always torn between pieces that are simple, or more detailed ones. Are the poses natural, or awkward? Any constructive criticism? I'll try not to be offended. :-)


bloosgrl said...

Hmm... I like them both, but my eye was drawn first to the second one.

Gisela said...

I'm torn - I like both of them.
2 different views of the next holiday. Cute idea..