Friday, February 11, 2011

Miscellaneous Sketches - Grandma & Me

Growing up, I didn't see my grandparents at every holiday gathering.  My American grandparents died when I was little, and my Oma and Opa lived in Germany.   Despite the distance, I felt very close to my Oma.  When we would visit, I loved running upstairs into her room and snuggling with her (And eating her stash of Ritter Sport chocolates).  She died a few years ago, and I miss her. 

When I started the first sketch below,  I had just intended to get a little practice drawing adults.  As it evolved, the grandmother started to look a lot like my Oma, and the next two sketches followed.  The last sketch isn't exactly true to life, as my own Oma died when I was an adult, but this is what came out.  I guess I still think of myself as that little girl who wishes she could have one more snuggle. 

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gila43 said...

Michelle, thank you for this gift!
You are such caring person and the drawings are very touching.
'Happy Valentine's Day'