Wednesday, September 22, 2010

15 Artists That Have Left An Impression

Lately a getting-to-know-you thing has been going around FB.  This time it's "15 artists that have left an impression."  I thought this one was a fun one both to do, and to read about.  It really does speak to who you are and what inspires you.  Sometimes the choices are obvious, sometimes not so much.  I thought I'd share my Top 15 with you here in blogland.

So, my Top 15 are.... drum roll please ....
Matt Phelan
Marla Frazee
RW Alley
Tracey Dockray
LeUyen Pham
Denise Brunkus
David Catrow
Harry Bliss
Janet Stevens
Quentin Blake
Bill Watterson
Hayao Miyazaki
Norman Rockwell
Jackson Pollock
N.C. Wyeth (Andrew too)

I love gesture and facial expressions.  I think it's amazing how a slight change to a mark on the face can completely change an expression, or the way a mood can be conveyed with body gesture alone  (the facial expression is just icing on the cake).

So, I begin with Matt Phelan, and Marla Frazee, both of these two are royalty ... the way they create gesture and expression... oh my... I could look at their work all day long and be forever impressed!

RW Alley's characters facial expressions are wonderful!

Tracey Dockray, LeUyen Pham, Denise Brunkus, Bill Watterson - these guys... wow.  What amazing characters they create!!  (Marla fits here too!) I feel as if I personally know Ramona, FreckleFace Strawberry, Junie B. Jones, Calvin and Hobbes, and  Clementine!!  You see their quirks and love them!

David Catrow, Harry Bliss, Janet Stevens these guys make me laugh!  Catrow has such a unique style!

Quentin Blake - gorgeous lines

Hayao Miyazaki - if you have not seen My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away or any of the many other amazing films he's done....  Stop what you're doing and get ye to Netflix!  I adore Saski and Mei (and the cat bus!)!

Rockwell... seriously, he's the king of capturing characters in their essence.

And finally, Jackson Pollock.  Yes, I know he's not an illustrator.  You always hear the "my five year old could do that" line.  But the thing I love about his work is how I feel when I look at them.  I ADORE the kinetic energy in his marks!  The colors!  I love that he was able to put feeling down on the canvas in such a unique and absorbing manner.   I also love how it feels to paint in that way.  Of breaking out of conventions.  Ahhh....  Jackson Pollock ...good.

N.C. Wyeth - I love his beautiful work.  Andrew's too - especially Trodden feet.  At the Brandywine River museum (PA), I could spend all day hoping to absorb some of their talent through osmosis.  Beautiful stuff.

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