Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just for fun: Pummy

I've been spending most of my drawing time lately working on sketches/text for a picture book dummy.  You can see some of those sketches in my previous posts; however, this morning, the last week before school, as the girls and I sat around the kitchen table after breakies, we were feeling silly.  The girls wanted me to draw a picture of Pummy for them.  So out came my sketchbook.

Pummy is a rough and tumble, one-eyed (yellow) cat from the book we've been reading at bed time: "The Calder Game" by Blue Balliett.  Pummy is a cat from the story.  He's not even a central character in the story, but my kids love him because of his name.  They laugh every time it's mentioned.

So, this morning, I started out with a cat.  With an eye-patch, but was told that "that's not what Pummy looks like."  The eye-patch was discarded.  Then they started singing a song about Pummy having been to a circus, hence the balloon.  And of course, he needed a little play thing too... the mouse.   Pummy seems so disagreeable, that we were certain he'd have a tattoo, although, I'm not quite sure what a cat tattoo would look like but I gave it shot anyway.


JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

I know someone who looks just like your Pummy! I'll have to be careful not to call him Pummy by mistake!

Michelle Henninger said...

Judy, do you have your very own Pummy? ha ha! I hope he's a little more fun than this guy! :)

Sarah P. said...

I love him! He's got so much fun stuff going on.

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

I loved reading this post and seeing your version of Pummy! Your image tells a lot about his personality. Sounds like a fun time with the girls!!