Friday, June 25, 2010

Watercolor Wednesdays - Portal into Bear's "Dream a Little Dream" party

Bear longed to be a graceful ballerina. It didn't matter that he weighed 400 lbs and had two left feet.  He wanted to do Arabesques, and Chasses like the great ballet dancers before him.   Snake dreamed of living in Hawaii and dancing the Hula while the sun set on Kailua Beach, and little mouse wanted to be a cowboy like "The Duke."  Nobody messed with "The Duke."

At Bear's "Dream a Little Dream" party, they had the chance to live their dreams, unabashed, loud and strong, and they did, until Big Cy showed up at the door and all their dreams came crashing down with an embarrassed thud.

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froggie said...

hiya, mich! this is so lovely. i love the red and the movement of that big lumbering bear! his expression is wonderful! :)

and can i do watercolor wednesdays? for our vaca, i bought a teeny field kit by windsor newton which is my fav new accessory and such a nice break from the wacom world! if you know, shoot me an email!