Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Illustration - Rescue

My youngest's birthday is coming up in 15 days. She's going to be 6!! This year, instead of birthday presents, she asked that her friends donate money to help the endangered animals at WWF. I must admit, I was very surprised when she suggested it. I'm so proud of her.

Anyway, this year, being the Year of the Tiger, and the fact that the estimates for the numbers of tigers left in the wild are down to 3200, I immediately thought of the many child crusaders out there like my daughter trying to rescue the wild tiger populations!!


Loni Edwards said...

Oh I love this Michelle! That's wonderful that your daughter is asking for donations. What a great cause! Happy Birthday to her! Have a great day!

Paolo Puggioni said...

Hi Michelle,
lol I can't believe it, today has been full of coincidences (but I won't bother you with the others).
Both my kids recently adopted a tiger so I couldn't help smiling, well done:)

Anyway, I'm new to the Children's illustrators blog ring, so I'm just stopping by to say hello to fellow illustrators, adding new people to my feeds and everything.

Lovely, lovely artwork by the way..


theartofpuro said...

Love it!Great colours and characters!
Happy birthday to you youngest!She had a great idea about WWF!

Gina Perry said...

Nice work - I like the play b/w the tiger and girl.

gila43 said...

I am so proud of both your daughters!
They such caring young girl. You & your husband can give each other a pat on your shoulder; grin!!
"Happy Easter" and lots of sunshine!

Susan said...

Wow, a girl after my own heart, good for her! What an adorable illo Michelle, love the colors and the movement and that cape!

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Yay for Briar! Such a thoughtful young lady!! Hope she has a great birthday!!! Love this illustration. The tiger is wonderful. Really nice color, too.