Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patterns experiment

OK, after Jim's advice, I deleted the patterned floor and added my own. I think it looks better. I also added some shadows on the floor that I forgot to add in before.

I'm illustrating a story for January's Stories for Children mag about a dog who steals Casey's bed.

I was playing with backgrounds. What do you think? I'm not sure that I like it. I don't know if I'm just not used to it, or if it really does look off. I'm also including the scan without the backgrounds. Should I just paint a light wash background instead?

Any advice is welcome!!


Joanna said...

I really like the background on the top - it looks like wallpaper!!! Maybe you've just been staring at it too long and lost perspective on how good it looks:)

Jim Hill said...

I like the wallpaper, but the wood grain floor looks too flat without perspective in the pattern.

Michelle Henninger said...

Ooohhh, good point Jim. Thanks for noticing that.
And Joanna, thanks for being so sweet!

jcdillustration said...

I like what you did. The shadows are good too - perhaps indicate some shadows cast on the dog by the head/foot boards as well? Great expression on Casey!

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

I think it's great that you are experimenting, Michelle! I think the top one does look better having shadows. However, I do like the darker color of the floor in the bottom image. Can you make the floor a little darker in the top? Or add shadows over the dark floor in the bottom image?

I like the expression and the pj's of the girl!