Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bella Upside Down GIVE-A-WAYS!!

Today is the official start of voting for the ABC Book Competition!!

Please VOTE for Bella Upside Down!! In order to entice you to vote for Bella, we will be giving away tote bags!! After you vote, come on over to Bella's blog, and post a comment, and we'll add your name to the TOTE BAG GIVE-A-WAY!! We will have two drawings - one for each week of the contest!! The lucky winner will go home with this incredibly stylish tote bag. All your neighbors and friends will be SOOOO jealous!!

We'd LOVE for you to win one, so start voting!!! Vote daily until Oct 4th! :)

1 comment:

gila43 said...

I like the trailer a lot. It's cute
and comes right to the point.