Sunday, April 26, 2009

Conference update

What a wonderful conference! It was so nice to physically meet many of the people I've talked to online. The workshops were fantastic, as were the keynote speakers! Very inspiring! I had my portfolio reviewed, and have a whole lot of work ahead of me. That's both good to hear and a little hard to hear. Ah, color theory here I come!

But the best part of all was that I won the NESCBWI 2009 Ann Barrow Illustrator Scholarship!! What an honor! I just hope I can make the committee proud of me!

Also, a very big congratulations to my friend Ann Marie who won an award for her wonderful "Many Voices" poster!! I'm so proud of her! Yay Ann Marie!!

It was so great spending the day with members from my Southern NH Critique group! They are all SOOO talented! What a fun day!!


Ann Marie said...

Hey Michelle--Thanks for your kind words! I am so proud of you also!! I am totally impressed with all you have accomplished!! YOU are an inspiration.

gila43 said...

Great honor!!
I always enjoy seeing your art work.

Have a great summer!

Jody Jensen Shaffer said...

I just heard about your win! Awesome! I predict we see your name on picture book front covers real soon. Congratulations!